By May 25, 2012

Will There Be A 7″ iPad? Ask The Right Question, And You Get The Right Answer

The following comment was made to an article by Jim Dalrymple on the question of whether or not Apple should market a 7 inch iPad.

"Asking whether there is a market for something is the wrong question and it's going to lead you to the wrong answer. Asking whether a 7 inch iPad will provide a better user experience than a 10 inch iPad is a better question."

There's little doubt that user experience on a 7" iPad would be "inferior" to that of a full-size 10" iPad.

Then again, I could say the same thing about the user experience of an 11" MacBook Air verses that of a 15" MacBook Pro. But some people make that choice daily, sacrificing a distinct measure of usability on the alter of portability.

So a better question would be, "Is there a set of users for whom a 7" iPad would be a better solution?"

Would they make the same sacrifice, for the same reasons?

And asked that way, I think the question answers itself.

[Via The Loop]


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