By April 13, 2012

Former RIM Boss Sought Strategy Shift

Turns out I was right after all..

(Reuters) – Former Research In Motion co-chief executive Jim Balsillie sought to reinvent the BlackBerry smartphone maker with a radical shift in strategy before he stepped down, two sources with knowledge of his plans said.

Apparently Balsillie was negotiating with major wireless companies provide service for non-BlackBerry devices routed through RIM’s proprietary network.

This included access to RIM’s BlackBerry Messenger application.

I’ve been posting this online for months now, and wrote about it last week in Note To RIM: It’s The Software, Stupid..

Such a services strategy could have given the hardware platform a bit more breathing room, if not subsidized it outright. It could also have introduced, through the Messaging app, a whole new set of users to the RIM platform.

Which could best be accessed — of course — from a Blackberry device.

Unfortunately, RIM’s new CEO Thorsten Heins and the board rejected the proposal, preferring instead to focus all of their attention on the next-generation BlackBerry 10… due later this year.

Though it appears that  Heins may have gotten a change in heart, as he stated in a March conference call that he’s now reviewing all of his options.

Too bad they didn’t make the play sooner.

Because, as I said earlier, the clock is running out…

[Via Reuters]

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