By October 24, 2011

The Google Narrative: Open Is Better

I ran across the following comment today

“The narrative about Google is different [from Apple’s], often involving its strength in creating platforms for open-source/community development…”

Yep, smart marketing move there. Google is in fact very involved in open sourcing technology and creating platforms for development…

Except when they refuse to do so with their search and map technology…

Or when it suits them to withhold “open” source for the “good” of the platform…

Or when they create platforms for development that they then shut down, like the Translate API’s…

Or when they create features and technology that they then retract and subvert to their own ends, like the Reader features being removed in order to force people into Google+.

Or Google’s other inconsistencies.

Yes, Google marketing narrative is different.

But it’s a marketing narrative, nonetheless.


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