By April 17, 2011

Desperate Congressman Claims Apple And The iPad Are Killing U.S. Jobs

In an abysmal display of economic ignorance, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr (D-IL), made the claim Friday that Apple and the iPad are killing US jobs.

Why? Because everyone who works at failing bookstores like Borders is losing their jobs. People who work in the publishing industry will lose their jobs. In fact, he makes it sound as if everyone will lose their jobs to the people making iPads in China.

Unfortunately, Jr. isn’t considering the flip side of the equation.

Are there not hundreds, if not thousands of American jobs at Apple and elsewhere who create and design the iPads and tablets and write and maintain iOS?  Who work there in marketing and finance and administration?

Are there not hundreds, if not thousands of Americans creating, running, and maintaining online stores like the iTunes store and the Apple App store and the Android Marketplace and the Amazon Android app store?

Are there not hundreds, if not thousands of Americans with jobs selling iPads and iPhones and Macs in Apple stores all throughout the United States?

Are there not thousands of Americans busy writing iOS and Android and Windows 7 apps and software? Creating and selling cases and other accessories?

Are there not thousands, if not MILLIONS of American workers creating the books and music and articles and web sites we consume daily using these devices? Hint: ebook sales are up 300% over last year.

Besides, Borders was in trouble before the iPad even launched.

They sold books, and got hit with Amazon and home delivery. They sold CDs, and got hit by iTunes and torrents. They sold DVDs, and got hit with Netflix and Redbox and torrents. They sold magazines, and got flattened by the Internet.

Every aspect of their business saw sales drop. Even the coffee shop saw sales drop as traffic dropped.

Like the big chain music stores before them, they simply didn’t have a chance.

Now, if Jr. had said that the Internet killed Borders, he would have been right.

But that’s old news.

Today, you get a lot more press and soundbites by blaming Apple and the iPad.

iPads and tablets are disruptive technologies, true. But the horse breeders and saddle and buggy whip makers probably said the same thing about the automobile.

[via Business Insider]


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