By July 15, 2008

iPhone 3G Sales “In Perspective”

TechDirt is running an article placing iPhone sales “in perspective”. Recent mobile handset numbers show that 282 million phones were sold in the first quarter of this year, and that Nokia alone appears to sell approximately 1.28 million handsets per day.

Mike concludes, “So, yes, selling 1 million handsets over the weekend is a nice round milestone — and certainly other handset makers are probably jealous of the attention it’s getting. But, it’s not having a huge impact on the overall handset market just yet.”

But let’s compare Apple’s to Apple’s, shall we? According to Gartner, worldwide smartphone sales in 1Q 2008 totaled 32.2 million units, which would put the average daily sales of higher-end phones at roughly 358,000 units.

Or in other words, Apple sold — singlehandedly, and per day — almost as many smartphones over this weekend as all of the other manufacturer’s combined.

Plus, if Apple meets its numbers of selling 10 million phones in 2008, they’ll have gained roughly 10% of the entire worldwide smartphone market. Which, ignoring the low-end “free” handsets sold by Nokia and others, also just happens to be be the most profitable end of the market.

Just, of course, putting things into perspective…


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  1. Vincent Clement says:

    When did 7.8 percent become “roughly 10%”? Perspective indeed.