By January 17, 2008

New iTunes Synchronization Features For iPhone

With iTunes 7.6 you now have several new ways to sync music, movies, and TV shows to your iPhone.

First, you can now turn syncing off.

That’s right, now you can finally manage everything by hand, dragging songs, playlists, and individual video files directly to the iPhone icon. Just check the “Manually manage music and videos” checkbox on the iTunes summary page for your phone.

Second, in addition to the venerable sync “X most recent unwatched” options they’ve added the ability to sync the least recent unwatched episodes.

Why would you want this?

Well, this is an attempt to let you watch TV shows in series order (episode 1, then episode 2, and so on) and works well… as long as you purchased the shows in the correct sequence.

I requested this feature, but Apple managed to screw it up by going by “date added” instead of episode ID. Better would have been “X next unwatched episodes”, but that’s probably just me.

Also, manually managing your media has a catch. It’s all or nothing.

Select it, and you can drag songs and videos to your phone. Try to enable “Sync Photos”, however, and “Manually manage music and videos” will be automatically unchecked for you.

Nice of them.

Better, of course, would have been the ability to select manual synchronization for each media type. Let iPhone sync my music and photos, and let me manage my movies and TV shows.

As always, if you agree then let Apple know about it by going to the iTunes Feedback section of Apple’s web site and leaving your request.

Oh, and while you’re there let them know that TV shows and Movies each need their own tab. I have a lot of movies, and trying to find the right one in a 4-line high list is… a pain.

So what do you think? Any other iTunes/iPhone synchronization features it would be nice to have?


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